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of boston are in lockdown. a huge police operation. a police officer was shot dead at a nearby university campus. dominic cain reports on how the events unfolded in that area of watertown. [gunfire] >> gunbattle overnight in watertown, massachusetts. police had been alerted to reports of an earlier shooting and carjacking. when they arrived on scene, they were fired on. officers say they think they found the gunman who carried out the boston bombing. >> we believe these are the same individuals as possible for the bombing on monday of the boston marathon. we believe they are the risk -- they are responsible for the death of an mit police officer. this is a serious situation we are dealing with. >> people described seeing and hearing the suspects throwing explosives at police and opening fire. >> you heard a loud boom and then a rapid succession of pop, pop, pop. it's out of like automatic weapons. then i heard a second explosion, and there was the smell of something burning in the air. >> one man who lives close to the incident got a clear view of the suspects. >> they also had what looke
residents told to stay in their home. the entire city of boston in lockdown as an extraordinary manhunt for the remaining suspect continues. let's get to sue herrera. she has the very latest on what we know up until this point. sue? >> it is a very, very fluid and ever-changing situation, maria, as you well know. here's what we know at this point. the city of boston is basically on lockdown and also watertown, massachusetts, where we have bill and also where we have scott, they are on lockdown as well. people are being told to shelter in place, as you well know. and as a result of this, law enforcement authorities are very hopeful that they will be able to conclude their search by going door to door. last check, they had about 70% of that accomplished. we're still waiting for an afternoon briefing. we don't know when that will occur. but in the early morning briefing, they did say there were new developments they were trying to run down and firm up and they would bring us those at the afternoon briefing. of course, as you know, things are changing quite rapidly and as a result of that,
there is breaking news coming in. the place is fort knox army post in kentucky it is on lockdown as fox reports tonight after reports of a shooting there that happened this afternoon. details are just coming. in we have no word yet on any victims. but a spokesman says fort knox is 100% on lockdown. he says the shooting unfolded near the human resources command, which price some 3800 people. we're waiting for more updates live as we get them. well, maybe the carnival cruise ship triumph is just cursed. hours ago that cruise liner broke loose to from its morings and smacked into another ship. somebody went overboard. actually, multiple people and now a worker is miss not guilty water. can you see some damage there on the right side of your screen. see the highlighted area? the cruise wind blames high winds up to 70 miles per hour for tearing loose the ship. one worker describes what he saws. >> we was on the ship working and looked across and the roops started breaking on the carnival triumph. two of them broke real fast and the rest of them it was just snap, snap, one after another it was kind o
and the region into a grip of an emergency and a complete lockdown. let's get to sue herera. chef has the very latest developments on what we know right now. sue? beginning to piece together and find out some of what the authorities have found as they work through watertown and also, as they work through the cambridge apartment and the location where the two brothers lived. they are telling nbc news that they have found numerous pieces of evidence that are being recovered, both from the watertown scene, which would include evidence of homemade explosives including pipe bombings. they found another pressure cooker, as well as more than 200 spent rounds. the cambridge site is now secure and is clear. they are saying they did not have to detonate that explosive device that they had alluded to earlier in the day. they made a big point of telling the press earlier that they were going to have to detonate an explosive device and not to misinterpret what that was. it that are now saying they did not have to do that. they thought that a car in that particular area of cambridge might have had an explos
the news on the boston bombings. as you heard on the special report all of boston now is on lockdown. we talking about millions of people being urged to stay indoors as authorities go door to door. >> the public transit system is shut down. there are areas where cars are not supposed to to be on the street. the news continues to widen in that area as they search for a suspect. we are being told the two men are brothers. possibly from chechnya. that means not only do we have law enforcement on one side trying to track the men down but we have intelligence agencies on the other side overseas trying to gather any bit of information about who they are, where they have been, and training. so far, police say the boston marathon bombing suspect seen in video and pictures with a white hat is the man pictured in a 7/1 robbst came bridge, massachusetts. he is wearing a great hoodie. a massachusetts institute of technology officer, police officer, was then killed on the m.i.t. campus in cambridge shortly after there was a carjacking, the stolen car was found if watertown and police chase ensued. th
. it is interesting. i can't think of a time when a major community like this was basically under lockdown. even when you have a killer on the loose or someone who escapes from prison or gets out of police custody, an active shooter. to lockdown an entire city is really extraordinary. it tells you the seriousness with which they are taking this. now, we know that they had a good deal of explosives in the car that they carjacked. that suggests that they were carrying quite a few explosives when they just grabbed somebody else's car. they hadn't loaded up a car with explosives first. they had them on their person. perhaps they are acting on the supposition that if the brother when he got out of the car in watertown and confronted police was wearing explosives strapped on his body. perhaps they are working on the supposition that the brother who is still at large might have done the same. or might have pocketed hand grenades or whatever else. and might have a number of explosives on him. that's the best explanation i can think of for why they are imposing such remarkable level of security in that area a
sarnieev has alluded authorities despite an extensive manhunt.that included an unprecedented lockdown. police say jah-harr has been on the run since early this the other suspect in the the police desperately want the suspect to be alive when he is taken into custody. they do not want to have to kill half and they are making great steps that that will be the case reportedly, even using a flash bangs and not kill him. we have a in earlier clip from a cnn and reported that was live one that the initial gunfire erupted. >> it sounded like multiple shots were fired but that was rapidly fired. and all of a stud i al the sudden, it stopped. and at this intersection and now let me turn the camera. wouldn't we are going to see a lot of police cars. i could not tell how many but at least a couple of dozens with rapid succession. it came from a automatic assault style weapons. >> back to this live picture. the reporter and describing what he saw. this was right after a press conference where they said that they do not know where the suspect was. and they initially lifted that lockdown the daylon
marzullo. >> the breaking news is from the north bay where three schools are on lockdown while they hunt for a car thief who could be armed. the car was stolen in petaluma and he led deputies on a long chase. the three schools including a preschool and child center are on lockdown with reports that the thief might have a rifle with him. we will have more on this story as it becomes available. >> other breaking news story from oakland where the superintendent of the oakland unified school district has just resigned. he has held the job since 2005 and the announcement is a shock to the education community. in a letter to the president of the board he says he and his family are moving to chicago to be closer to his wife's parents saying his father-in-law is sick and in the hospital. the children attend schools in oakland. smith graduated from uc berkeley and previously worked for the san francisco school system before taking over in oakland. >> new this morning, san francisco police are searching for the man who stole a cab and refused to stop for officers. the chase spanned several bay are
under way. >> the entire city of boston is on lockdown. subways and buses stopped. he should b arm >> suation serious and scary. t now.rts >>> and good morning to all of our viewers on the west and across the country. this is "good morning america" being seen in special abc news conch right now. we're live in boston there's the scene right now, police swarming the streets in a massive man hunt for suspect number two. these are the pictures that came out overnight. tamerlan tsarnaev. number two on the loose, a fugitive right now, believed to be armed and dangerous, described as a terrorist, he was caught on camera last night, he's been on the loose for several hours and all of boston, the entire city of boston surrounding suburbs in lockdown right now. >> that's right. abc news just spoke to those boys' father, he is in shock and implores his son to himself up. he told abc news, he said that he think his sons were set up and he said they were very nice kids, never touched explosives and never learned how to handle weapons. he said that his younger son is on the run and in hiding bec
hours ago, this city was in an unprecedented lockdown with nearly 1 million people warned to remain inside their homes. my colleague linsey davis watched the whole search unfold from the streets of watertown. >> reporter: boston was unsiege today as authorities found and killed tamerlan assure 9087 and cup toured his 19-year-old brother as he hid in a boat in a watertown neighborhood. the frantic search for the suspected boston marathon bombers began thursday when the fbi released these grainy images. our first glimpse of the most wanted men in america. the fbi needed the public's help tracking down their lead suspects in the attack but they warned then that these men were armed and very dangerous. >> no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. do not take any action on your own. >> reporter: it was no exaggeration. late last night, authorities discovered mit police officer sean collier shot and killed by the suspects. at first, authorities didn't realize there was a connection to the bombing. but then authorities say the two men carjacked a mercedes suv in cambr
, is still on lockdown. we're told as many as 14, 14 people are hurt. you see the big red letters, alert, if you google lone star college cyfair campus, this is what you see front and center on this college website. this is the school. alert, they are telling folks to stay away, stay away from campus, because one suspect is still at large. we know another suspect is in custody at this moment. we're seeing the video and we're just all seeing it together and we'll walk you through it as clearly they're checking cars, coming, going, as we mentioned, this particular campus on lockdown. one witness tells our affiliate the suspect appeared to be, let me underline that, appeared to be a student. working on getting mike brooks miked up here in studio, former law enforcement, knows all kinds of -- knows all kinds of situations involving campus lockdowns, worked in law enforcement for many years, have chad myers also standing by and he'll walk us through where we're talking about in texas. a couple of things, chad, you ready to roll? >> you bet. >> we were talking before the show started, this cam
they are reiterating here is that lockdown means that all patient appointments today are canceled and inpatients won't be discharged at all. they've gone forward and they're starting to notify parents, of course, with sked you would appointments. the hospital is fully staffed and they can take care of everyone there. boston children's is closed. patients and families there are being contacted, as well and the center in jamaica plains is closed right now. again, that's boston children's hospital on lockdown right now. of course, this is where the first lady was visiting yesterday at children's hospital and that is on lockdown right now and we will keep you updated with any more of the lockdowns and governor is urging everybody just to stay inside right now. >> it's amazing when you think it's like 12, 14 hours or something, 15 hours sense we first had the pictures of these two suspects and people wondered would they be caught and the public was asked to not try to apprehend and approach these guys because they're extremely armed and dangerous. how many would it be? >> we're going to get -- we're watc
area on a lockdown. >> i'm just being told now that there is only one suspect. they are not looking for a second person at this point. pretty sure it was just one person involved. earlier there had been a person of interest that they were looking for but they're almost certain that they have the person responsible and there is no one else. >> okay. that's good to know. >> why did this person do it? lone star college was in the news not that long ago with the shooting at the other campus. this is a completely separate location but it is quite a tragedy for the college campus itself to be in the news like this. now with a stabbing at one of its other campuses. in this particular case, we don't know why. we don't know why this student did this. why these particular students were injured. so many students in a stabbing. 14 people in total injured. four of them, the victims were taken by helicopter to memorial hermann. eight transported by ambulance and two refused to go. we have crews at the area hospitals trying to get more information on the extent of the injuries that we don't have d
the outcome. >> reporter: just 25 minutes after the lockdown was lifted, a water town resident went out to walk his dog and noticed blood on the side of his boat. >> he looked in and saw man covered in blood. he retreated and called us. >> reporter: police and the fbi roared back into town. a helicopter with infrared sensors detected movement in the boat. >> we're getting information from the aircraft that there is definite movement in the rear of that boat. >> reporter: 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev had eluded the manhunt until then. >> he is moving. we have movement in the boat. he just sat up. >> reporter: they exchanged fire. >> the hostage rescue team of the fbi made entry into the boat and removed the suspect. >> reporter: weakened by his injuries from a gun fight the night before, he was unable to put up much resistance. >> the second suspect was taken alive. this will ensure accountability for the victims and their families. >> reporter: the boston police announced their success with a victory tweet. captured. the hunt is over, the search is done. the terror is over, and justice
after officials lifted a day-long lockdown for residents and conceded the suspect probably got away, a watertown resident went out to walk his dog and noticed blood on the side of his boat stored on a trailer in the back driveway. >> he looked in and saw a man covered in blood. owhelicopter with frared sensors detected movement in the boat. >> we're getting information from the aircraft that there is definite movement in the rear of that boat. >> reporter: 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev had eluded the massive police manhunt by hiding in the boat. until then. >> he is moving. we have movement in the boat. he just sat up. >> reporter: police and the suspect exchanged fire. >> ultimately, the hostage rescue team of the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect. >> reporter: weaned by his injuries from a gunfight with police the night before, he was unable to put up much resistance. and was under arrest. >> the second subject was taken alive. this will ensure accountability for the victims and their families. >> reporter: the boston police announced their success with a vic
amendment. lou: this breaking news in from kentucky -- fort knox on lockdown after a shooting at human resources command, no reports of casualties or injuries, but army post confirming this is on 100% lockdown, all inbound and out bound traffic, closed. we'll have details as soon as we bring them to you on the shooting and fort knox. fort knox on lockdown as a result of a shooting that has taken place, all of the details that we have right now. but, as soon as they become available we'll bring them to you. >> all but one of former atlanta school educators indicted in one of the largest cheating scanneddals have turned themselves in former elementary school principal, only person. of 35 indicted, not to report to jail before a midnight tuesday deadline. former superintendent of atlanta schools beverly hall surrendered last night, and released hours later after posts $200,000 bond. hall, allegedly engaged in a broad conspiracy where they changed student test scores and received bonuses for the improved performance of those students whose scores they changed. >> testimony in jodi arias tr
, complete lockdown while they search for the suspect two who remains at large. the boston police call him a terrorist. >> the man arrested for sending ricin-laced letters has been charged with two firm -- federal counts of letters that were sent to president obama and a senator and a judge. >> pg&e is beaching up security after someone shot up a transformer in san jose. police are on the scene as repairs continue at a substation. someone fired several shots from a high powered rifle into the plant early on tuesday. that led to a wide-spread power outage. at&t phone cables were also vandalized and the phone company is offering a major reward for the vandals at $250,000. >> mass teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy is facing nine years in prison. the 42-year-old will be sentenced next month after pleading no contest to nine counts after sexual relationship with a firm student and was arrested at the high school in livermore back in january. according to the police, the relationship began through the popular smartphone app words with friend and text messages and social immedi
inside a local home. they were still on lockdown because they were still on lockdown. >> we were crawling through the hallway, we saw a big flash out front. there was like an explosion with glass. >> another resident described what he was seeing using skype. >> i walk in here and -- it is angled at the bomb squad. >> michael dushette saw what happened next. >> the guy out front shooting it out with the cops. and i see an officer and him are about 30 feet apart shooting at each other. craziest stuff i've ever seen. >> this man, the suspect in the black hat got out of the mercedes suv and was strapped with explosives. during the shootout he was hit by police fire and later pronounced dead at a hospital. >> the other suspect, that man in the white cap, floored the accelerator of the suv to get away running over the man who we later learned were his own brother. >> the cops jumped out of the way before he ran over the brother and dragged him up the street. >> all public transportation shut down. at 6:30 a.m., amtrak suspended train service in and out of boston. as morning arrived, the world l
a suspicious package trigger add lockdown on capitol hill. scott mcfarland joins us now with word the lockdown has now been lifted. scott? >> reporter: just a short while ago, janet, not just a suspicious package but two suspicious letters tested as well, -- letters as well, all tested, all cleared. police officers and explosive sniffing dogs outside and inside the entrances on capitol hill. you can also see a hazardous materials truck there. lights flashing near the u.s. senate russell building. the third floor of the building locked down for a while today, including a hallway with the offices of pennsylvania democratic senator bob casey. >> there was a letter on this floor that was delivered that apparently is no longer a concern about, but in the interest of being careful, they shut down a corridor. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, two other letters have reportedly tested positive for a poison called ricin, one addressed to president owe bam. another -- president obama, another to mississippi senator roger wicker. both discovered, stopped and tested at a postal facility before they were d
cities, frozen, lockdown. businesses closed. troops of police to look ready r war. they are throwing everything at this, the police poured into one all rb of boston, watertown. they are searching for this man, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he has lived here for years. the family came from chechnya originally. dead,other tamerlan is shot by police. his uncles are calling for him to turn himself in. >> if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and forgiveness from these people. >> the net) the two man hours after the fbi -- the net closed around two man hours after the fbi 10:30, the brothers tried to rob a 7-eleven store near the massachusetts institute of technology. then news a police officer was attacked. sean collier, 26 years old, was shot as he sat in his car. he died soon after. the brothers hijacked a car, and the chase that followed ended in watertown, 10 miles from boston. on the usually quiet suburban street, there was a fierce firefight, captured on mobile phones. the police were taking no chances. the innocent owner of
breaking news for you in concord where concord high school is in lockdown. officials say a suspect in a felony hit-and-run accident was seen running toward the school just about an hour ago, just after 11:00. police say following the hit- and-run crash on west street, the suspect tried to carjack another driver before taking off running near the school. we're continuing to follow the accident and will bring you more -- to follow the situation and will bring you more information as we get them. >>> alex savidge is live with the fight to keep the doors of a school open. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is ranked as one of the top high schools in one of the -- in all of the country but american-indian public charter is set to shut down in two months. the district points to mismanagement by the former director. now his actions have put parents in a tough spot. a bittersweet day for parents in oakland. as the school faces closure, it's also now ranked at number 38 on a new list of best high schools in the country put out by u.s. news and world reports. it's also r
forward and chase what matters. dakota says his first broad area. police placed the schl on lockdown shortly before while >>> well, we have some developing news. concord high school is on a lockdown because of some police activity in that area right now. police placed the school on lockdown shortly before noontime while an officer responded to a nearby incident. don't have any other information. but we'll have an update coming up tonight at 5:00. >>> switching gears in a big way now, a weekend news anchor in north dakota says his first broadcast couldn't have gone worse. >> it was bad. in fact, he got himself fired by dropping an "f" bomb. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> go enm -- >> aj clemente opened the broadcast with a pair of obscenities on kfyr on sunday night. he apparently was having a difficult time pronouncing a name and was cursing to himself not realizing the show had already started. he is out of a job. everyone heard it but his twitter followers hope he will get a second chance somewhere else and apparently he is getting some job offers now. captions by: caption colorado co
's it the spot that began the lockdown of boston first we know in the history of this city where people have sheltered in place all day. the drive in from the airport all day. as if there was a holiday for all religions and no one was moving on any street. the drive from the airport to downtown boston was less than 10 minutes and anybody who knows anything about this city knows that means boston was at home. now back to watertown where the police activity continues. let's listen in. fox 25 from boston. >> the identity, they told us to get out of the area. >> you heard multiple shots. >> multiple shots. at least 20 shots. it was all like it was all -- it was state police on one side. they started to move to see where it was coming from and then all hell broke loose. >> that's paul sutherland he actually heard the shots, telling us several shots. at least more than a dozen police cars. they are blocking off the area and ambulances going down the road. there is an armored vehicle just pulling up to the scene right now. we heard police talking about he is in a boat. he is in a boat. >> heather o
.m. they turned up empty and the officials canceled the lockdown. the words seemingly prophetic. only an hour later loud bangs were heard at a house outside the police perimeter. they focused their attention on a tarp covered boat parked in a yard where they believe he was hiding. at about 8:45 they had their man in custody. the manhunt was over. tsarnaev is currently being treated at beth israel hospital for his injuries. once he's fit to appear in court he'll most likely be taken to federal court where ironically the shoe bomber richard reid was arraigned 10 years ago. anthony. >> thanks, don. >>> well, the capture of this terror suspect naturally came as a huge relief to people of watertown who had been in lockdown for many hours and for the residents throughout the boston area. elaine kiaquijano is in boston with that part of the story. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: good morning to you, margaret and anthony. you know as word of the capture spread last night, we saw something in the boston area we really have not seen in a few days, since monday and that is the s
in or out of watertown right now. that town really under complete lockdown. other towns in the area, people told to stay at home and businesses to remain closed, and in this manhunt, the web of this manhunt really expanding this morning. i'm joined by juliette kayyem, former homeland security official, tom fuentes, former assistant director of the fbi and cnn analyst is with us as well. as the minutes passed this morning and the hours go on, tom, is it easier or harder to find this suspect? >> i think in the long run it will get easier as they narrow down or eliminate other places that he could be but they discover that he isn't. certainly having the identities of the individuals, and that gives them a starting point of the addresses, and as brothers, you know, if they live together, they would be having a couple of addresses, not one main one, to be able to focus on a little more intensely just randomly starting to go apartment to apartment in all the neighborhoods. >> it would seem that they may have this person in somewhat of a containment. but again it's clear that the strategy that the
an extraordinary weekend. the lockdown was announced during the show, and we were sure that by the end of the show, that would have him, right? because they had that horrible crime scene thursday night when they thought they had robbed the 7-eleven. it turned out they didn't rob the 7-eleven but they were there at the time. and then they shot and killed senselessly it seems this officer. they hijack the car take off with this guy, go from atm to atm, big up $800, thrown him out of the car. he very cleverly -- i give him credit for doing it appropriately -- left his cell phone in the car so the police were able to track his car to watertown, one brother is killed, and the other brother goes on the lam. and that's when thigh lockdown the city. it went on and on all day and i was watching the news i'm sure many of you were -- i was watching brian williams on nbc when he was reporting that this guy was still on the loose, and then they broke into the news, which was a replay they had taped a half hour before and went live and said they have -- gunfire was just he
now? >> we're still under lockdown right now at the hotel, probably a block and a half up the street from where the explosion was. >> michael: so once this happened they said you are not going anywhere, is that right? >> pretty much. in the running word, this is one of three or four biggest days of the year. it was pretty loud, it shook the building, the media director ran out of the building. he thought oh my god, something happened. three or four minutes later he came back in and told me the head of security for john hancock said everyone is on lockdown. and he came back and said we're on lockdown no one is in or out, there were two bombs at the finish line. and then shortly thereafter everybody started thinking wow, what happened here? >> michael: were you scared at the time and throughout the day, and right now? are you unnerved about where you are, so close? >> the weird thing to me was -- i guess life goes on. he said this and i was much more uptight about it than everybody else. everyone else went back to their desks, because i think they thought it was a bomb t
, in a city that's coming back to life after an extraordinary day on lockdown, the online efforts to reward the man who found the suspect in his boat. and at fenway park, the players joined by the runners and the first responders. ♪ sweet caroline >> boston is back. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us on a very busy saturday night. on this day when a millions of bostonians emerged from their police-ordered hibernation, we are getting extraordinary new images from the capture of suspect number two. take a look at this shot from a state police helicopter, equipped with a thermal camera. that dark form right there in the back of the boat, that, police say, is 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. here it is from another angle. you can clearly see the suspect lying down in the back of the boat. look at this, the police send in a vook rigged with a robot arm to tear off the cover of the boat. tonight tsarnaev is being treated in the same hospital as many of the bombing victims themselves. we have team coverage from boston all the way to russia. we start with our chief investigative correspondent,
't have doors on our classroom. if there was a reason for us to go into lockdown, i wouldn't have a way to prevent an intruder coming into the classroom. oney to boost our security at the school i'm at now is adding door os our classrooms. >> we have pod doors and we have doors on them but if there was some way to lock them and -- in a crisis or a situation that needed to be, we would feel safer in our pods. >> my final point was not necessarily my own idea. rather, i was inspired. >> my senior year we were given a writing assignment and the goal was to write ourselveses a letter and talk about where we thought we would be 10 years from now. as a 17-year-old, soon to be 18-year-old senior, i thought for sure that 10 years from the time this tragedy took place, that we would have metal detectors. >> metal detectors in schools? as extreme as it sounds, it's not that bad of an idea. why is it safer to go to an airport? why is it safer to go to a courthouse? yet somewhere where children are required to go every single day is not safe. recently vice president joe biden made a statement that
, greater boston now in lockdown and everybody being told to stay inside. what do you know right now? >> well, it sounds extraordinary. and it is. but you think about what this suspect number two has allegedly done over the last several days. a bombing that kills three, maims others and injures 170 and shoots a police officer in cold blood. shoots another police officer and wounds him. shoots at police, throws grenades and then holds a standoff, if you will, a shootout. it doesn't get any more desperate than that. and i think right now with this suspect cornered, they fear he could do anything with guns and explosives. we're seeing things here on the streets of watertown that i last saw on my last trip to afghanistan. s.w.a.t teams, not troops, but the same look, the same kind of movements, gingerly going around corners. gingerly objects that may or may not be explosives. a flurry of activity here in the last ten minutes or so. we saw an explosive ordinance and vehicles and converging on areas just over my shoulder here. it's been covering the story has been trying to watch and inter
earlier this morning, i guess it was 8:00 this morning, the lockdown had just occurred, but people were still out and about, you said, on the street? >> yeah, the word was just seeping out at that time, andrew. and i think as the word got out throughout the day, i can tell you that the city of boston was deserted on the streets. when my producer, justin solman and i made our way over here to watertown, we came up the surface streets and they were wide open and clear. the only vehicles you had on the streets were the law enforcement officials doing their job. so you have a community that is very much cooperating with law enforcement in this lockdown. everybody understands the importance and the need to stay out of the way and let the officials do their job, as they go literally door to door to juror, to try to find this 19-year-old suspect. so, yes, this has been a day like no other. i can guarantee you, in the city metropolitan area around boston. >> and the thinking, bill, in terms of going door to door, the thinking is, perhaps someone is hiding them in their homes? it's quite fascina
the person unharmed later. >> police followed that car to watertown as is in lockdown right now. the suspects at that point threw explosive devices from their car. at some point during the standoff, they had at least one pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the marathon bombing. one suspect killed in the shoot-out. the one in the black hat. he reportedly then was run over and when police approached his body, they discovered an ied strapped to his chest. witnesses reporting hearing explosions, massive gun battle between the suspects and police. here is what adam kitzenberg told us not long ago. >> i went to the window and right outside of our apartment, there were two shooters in between a sedan and a black mercedes-benz suv. and they were in between these two cars taking cover behind the black suv, shooting down our street which is laurel street and they were shooting westward towards what looked to be about six -- six to ten watertown police department vehicles. they were shooting about what seemed to be 70 to 80 yards down the street utilizing handguns. and while they were engag
the lockdown and some people finally got out and about, started walking and one very astute person from this neighborhood parentally saw some blood on the boat, saw movement and immediately called police. >> it was an incredible moment, saying that the lockdown, the stay indoors was being lifted. suddenly the whole police action started up again, focusing on the one house with the -- they brought in helicopters with heat-seeking capability. take a look at these fbi websites. don't take them long to update their poster. both of them had been want, both suspects and dzhokhar, the word under the picture has changed to captured. >> reporter: in the waning moments the press conference which was announcing that, you know, we heard bursts of automatic gunfire from what sounded like, i would say, four weapons. they all sound all like the same well in terms of their make and model. i'm sewelling that is not a one-way shot being fired from police to the direction of the suspect. i didn't hear anything like that. and then silence. we saw a -- it was unmistakable bursts of gunfire that began this.
was the subject of this massive manhunt that had nearly a million people in and around the boston area on lockdown. let's go back to lester. >> all right, matt. here's where things stand right now. the lone remaining bombing suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is hospitalized in boston this morning. he's believed to be in serious condition recovering from gunshot wounds suffer during the shootout on friday morning with police that left his brother dead. this all came to a head of course last night shortly before 7:00 p.m. when shots rang out here in watertown for the second time in 24 hours. it was close to the spot where tsarnaev and his brother had that confrontation with police thursday night going into friday. the 19 year old was hiding out in a boat in backyard spotted by a resident there who alerted authorities and then it was 8:40 p.m. we got word that tsarnaev was captured alive. that's believed to be his ambulance speeding away. relieved citizens cheered in the streets. amazing sight. president obama appeared in the white house briefing room shortly after 10:00 p.m. to say thank goodne
, massachusetts as breaking news continues on the lockdown and unprecedented dragnet in and around boston. if you are just joining us, this changed over the last two hours. they are focusing on three and not two. a third person added as an accomplice. another ied and reports over an hour ago of that. and we are now hearing from people who are close to the suspects, getting a sense of who these men are. this is what we know. the entire city of boston and surrounding suburbs effectively shut down. the focus on suspect number two on the right part of your screen believed to be holed up somewhere in the pictures that we are showing you right now. he is now identified as 19-year-old zhokhar. number number one, his brother was 26-year-olds, tamerlan. one was born in curd stan and the other in russia. they have been living here in this country for about a decade. in watertown, nbc news justice correspondent and atf agent james cavanaugh and analyst roger cressy. live in watertown, we were listening together as kerry sanders was moved further and further back. what are you seeing? >> he is a few blocks a
's a lockdown in this area as there is throughout boston. but the police have no way of enforcing that. so they have no way of saying you have to stay inside. they can just ask people to do it. but people have really heeded that warning. it's really an indication of how nervous people are about this. also, how much they want to respect what the police out here and the fbi is trying to do. there was a news conference about an hour and a half ago with the governor and boston police. and a few hours. and they said they were going to update us within another hour. we hope that comes again soon. they did say they were able to comb about 50% of this town. they've been knocking on doors for about 13 hours now. they're trying to knock on every single door here in watertown. comb this neighborhood to see if they can find dzhokhar tsarnaev if they possibly can. unfortunately, there's no apprehension as of now. we've seen a little bit of activity in this area over the past few hours. stuff like this, where you're seeing cars speed in, speed out. for the most part, very calm. we saw a few hours ago wi
. friday, boston was on lockdown. yesterday, the city came back to life. the epicenter, if you will, was fenway park, this is one of america's grand old baseball stadiums, and yesterday, it felt more like a cathedral. there was a pregame ceremony to honor the victims, survivors and first responders. also, one of the highlights during the eighth inning, neil diamond took the field to lead the crowd in his song "sweet caroline." ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> reporter: red sox fans have been singing that song in the eighth inning of every home game since 2002. this week, diamond's song became america's song. george, during that game, there were some chicken-skinned moments. people were standing and cheering. and yes, crying. as one fan told us, quote, we can finally breathe again. >> okay, byron, thanks very much. >>> we're joined by boston mayor tom menino, mayor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. what an extraordinary morning it has been. you have been mayor for 20 years. it actually began for you in the hospital. how are you holding up? >
, much of this is really soon after authorities on the scene had sort of eased that lockdown going on in boston and particularly in the watertown area so folks could come back out of their homes and walk around, you heard about the young woman who was walking her dog. so they had a chance to look around and see things. we're told one woman noted to say, strips of blood that go to this boat on the back of a neighbor's house and then, says, hey, there is somebody in there. the long and short of it is, somebody could and i stress could, be the second suspect here. you hear so much talk about dzhokhar tsarnaev. the reason why authorities are handling this so gingerly they do want to capture him alive. over the course of the last 24 hours we have learned especially after the shootout last night in watertown as well when dzhokar's older brother tamerlan was killed, that they had links to chechnya. they were born in chechnya. you miiht rorl that is the break away russian republic that couldn't break away. russia would not allow it. under three different prime ministers would never enterta
the scene of breaking news from the north bay, three schools in marin county are on lockdown while sheriff deputies substitute for a possibly armed car thief. he stole the car in petaluma and led deputies on a long chase. he bailed out and ran near fairfax. three schools including a child care center are all on lockdown right now. >> obviously well watch that situation for everyone at home. we also have to keep an eye on at weather situation because there is a game, a giants game and the weekend ahead. >> go have showers on live doppler 7 hd. we will take you up to the north bay right now where we are looking at a little bit of activity from pet lieu, highway 101, through novato and westward and to the east of santa rosa. some showers are popping up and the clouds look like they have the vertical development. they do. they puffy. we have overall more cloud cover in the south and east by. from the roof camera, you will notice we have a few sunny breaks but the possibility still exists for a few showers. 63 in oakland. 62 in san jose. it has been sunny all morning. we are looking at lots of
. >> senate offices are on partial lockdown after the discovery of suspicious packages. the police investigation centers now on the offices of senator richard shelby in the russell senate building and joe manchin in the heart senate office building. the lockdown is unrelated to the incident involving the president's letter. >> thank you so much, we want to take you to the boston bombings as we told you, abc7 news anchor has been in boston. we are getting word that either there has been an arrest or it is imminent but a suspect i.d.'s through surveillance video. what are you seeing out there? >> i am seeing a lot of people checking out what is going on but our affiliate in boston is reporting an arrest has been made in the bombing of the boston marathon that happened two days ago. they are also reporting as you said they were able to identify the suspect through surveillance video that was on top of a lord and taylor store a couple blocks do my left. there has been a lot of activity going on today. we did see a fire ladder coming and aiding the f.b.i. they were all in their white su
and this extraordinary lockdown in boston and the suburbs is 19 year old tsarnaev. he has a massachusetts driver's license. is a resident of cambridge. we don't know the first name of his brother. they obviously came here many months ago, at least a year ago. the other thing is it bears repeating, savannah, that all this started thursday night not because the fbi was moving into arrest them. there was no tactical operation planned. five hours after the fbi showed their pictures. they were not about to arrest them. five hours after the pictures became public, they apparently decided to make a run for it and that's when all of these events began to unfold with the robbery of the 7-eleven and shooting of a campus policeman and all of these other activities that led us to where we are now. it's been quite clear to authorities that they have been in the u.s. for some time. we're told they have some foreign military experience. we believe that they were coming here from overseas because earlier this morning the boston police commissioner said the one who is still at large, we believe this to be a terr
is on lockdown as police and security forces hunt for one of two suspects in the boston bombing. the other suspect is dead. >> after an embarrassing postponement and everything, a german court makes way for turkish media to cover an upcoming neo-nazi murder trial. >> in poland, marking the seventh -- 70th anniversary of the uprising in the warsaw ghetto. police and special units are now carrying out a house by house search for a second suspect in the boston bombings. >> 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is being sought after he escaped from a shoot off -- shootout with police that caused his brother his life. police have envied the streets of suburban watertown, where the wanted man is believed to be holed up. >> all public transportation, taxi services, is shut down. schools are close, and people are being told to remain indoors. >> boston police are carrying out a door-to-door search for the second bombing suspect. they believe he is hiding here in watertown just a few kilometers outside the city. a spokesman for the force has asked residents to keep calm. >> our number one priority is with
're at franklin street, where the actual capture occurred after the very long manhunt and the long lockdown here in this community. it's morning. the neighbors are beginning to come out. you can see just down the street past the law enforcement officers here on the edge, there are federal investigators here. the boat where the suspect had been hiding out before the law enforcement converged on the area and ultimately took him into custody is just around the corner at the end of this street. neighbors are telling us incredible stories. obviously gripping fear throughout the day where everyone was locked in their homes and suddenly here in this neighborhood, a convergence of law enforcement quietly moving in, the sirens are off, until things really begin to happen. look at some of this video taken by residents here in the neighborhood. this is from bob glat (bleep) >> i had a chance to speak with bob and he told me in these incredible stories about what it was like to just witness that and hear all those sounds and his video really gives us that first person view. he was also there with his nephew
turn to sportsment unfortunately due to the city lockdown yesterday the game was postponed. but today the game was on, singing the national anthem and then the jerseys say boston. sox, down 2-1 to the royals but and a and a nava with the homer. boston wins. >> pga, last year's winner carl petterson teeing off next to a colonial cannon. almost holes out for eagle. webb simpson. one back of charlie hoffman. he's the leader at 11ure after shooting a 56. >> some golden retrievers are helping boston bombing victims cope with the disaster. the group's presence says bombing victims have been telling the dogs the story of what happened. he says dogs are great listeners. been my experience. that does it for us at 5:00. join us back here at 6:00. >>> this is "world news." tonight, the trail of terror. new images and fresh details from the dramatic capture of the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings. the infrared censors that actually saw him inside that boat and the robot that helped force him out. tonight, we have the latest on the suspect's condition and when will he will be asked t
or not it is on lockdown and the manhunt for the person they say is armed and dangerous. >>> this next story, this is just unbelievable. it's hard to even talk about. this 4-year-old boy picks up a gun at a family cookout, accidently ends up killing the wife of a tennessee sheriff's deputy. this happened in lebanon just east of nashville. the sheriff says that the gun belongs to the deputy and somehow ended up in the hands of this kid. pamela brown is following the story. tell us what happened. >> this was sh sheriff's deputy's nephew. it happened inside a home just east of nashville during what was supposed to be a casual family cookout over the weekend. according to authorities in tennessee deputy was showing a relative his gun collection inside the home's bedroom. later the deputy's 48-year-old wife and the 4-year-old little boy entered that room. at some point the little boy picked up a loaded pistol off the bed and in a single shot his wife was dead. >> they were in a locked gun cabinet at the time. and he was actually -- he pulled another rifle out to show another family member that was present at t
, a remarkable lockdown here. we're talking about the commuter rail, the t, the subway there, buses. that's people getting in and out of downtown boston. and the western suburbs essentially locked down. nobody allowed outside. newton, watertown, belmont, waltham, cambridge, alton, brighton. all in a state of lockdown. pete, do they have any leads at this point? a guy gets into a car and drives away. they said he fled on foot. did they pursue him at that point? >> he did get away and they were trying to find him. they now believe they know the building where he is. that's their belief. they're not positive about it, but they think they know where he is. because they're not sure, that's why the community is on lockdown. >> so pete, the little that we know, the ied strapped to the suspect who perished, his body, the grenades and explosives that were tossed out of the car window, it seems that this isn't just homemade in the last minute, in the past few weeks, that this is planned. is there any possibility there could be others involved given the amount of explosives that they had? >> possibi
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